Celebrity Playboy Centerfolds

  • After more than 50 years, 1,000 issues and over 3,000 women, only has the power to transform small-town beauties into household names. Now, in this captivating two-hour special from A&E, their sexiest come to life like never before as we revisit their magazine debuts. From Hollywood icons and fashion models, to Baywatch babes and Olympians, they’ll share every detail.

After more than 50 years, 1,000 issues and over 3,000 women, only Playboy has the power, the beauty of the small town in the family name to transform. Well, in this captivating two hours special on A & E, her sexy centerfolds to life like never before, as we have reiterated their Playboy debut. From Hollywood icons and models, small Baywatch and Olympic athletes, their shares every detail of their drawings before. And most people envied in the world, Hugh Hefner, for . . .

Playboy: Celebrity Centerfolds

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Anthony Brinegar March 2, 2010 at 11:09 am

This DVD explores the various celebrities who have been in Playboy illustrations. By playmates like Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson, 80′s pop star Debbie Gibson, television and movie star Jamie Pressley. If you collect Playboy DVD, as I want, or if you see how celebrities in their birthday suit, this DVD worth collecting. Rating: 5 / 5

A lover of beauty March 2, 2010 at 12:15 pm

If you do this for erotic pictures (OK – this is a “Duh”), then be prepared that FF button quite a workout. There is a seemingly endless parade of interviews, bio, curiosity, and other movies not exciting – all of course, impossible to change fotografica.La wins frustration – yes – the insult by the apparent lack of any film is composed bare majority of this production schedules of Stars on the cover of the DVD! There are some eye candy sorted volatile patterns of the various voices in the street, but that’s not what I bought for them. Moreover, if the producers are running out pictures to accompany the story, have just seen pictures used previously, sometimes extending up to half a dozen times – not only to teach bene.Si we see – and a substantial part of it is photos from the magazine – have by Jenny McCarthy (often with too many clothes), Anna Nicole Smith, Shannon Tweed, and Pamela Anderson. And “fun for a few minutes, and the girls are beautiful – but there’s nothing spectacular, of course, and the vast majority of it is hard to tame… ‘S Worth of rent, if at all. Rating: 2 / 5

video nasty March 2, 2010 at 2:55 pm

When people see my previous reviews you can see that I focus on the DVD-Girl. I see love and other kinds of movies especialy horror movies and enjoy immensely. But I tend not to review the DVD I like it because other people have done, and agree to a rule, I tend to with the review. What disappointed me is that this kind of DVDs have little or no product reviews. Also in this case usually does not check what I like mail. It bugs me that the real nasty like this have no contribution to warn, to buy the damn thing. So I thought, arthritis part, send a review to warn you ALL! The blurb says that this is a documentary 2 hours. In reality it is only 88 minutes and it seems that any decent nudity has been cut off. You know what you do with Playboy, a load of ego which goes on to tell each other how beautiful it is, Hugh, and a load of soft mild nudity focus.Tuttavia I do not expect that this is as bad as it was. But I did not want to be beautiful because of the fast-forward just, but I discovered that almost did not make me a break and was quickly at the end in sight! Most of the nudity is that (what has already been flogged to death on the other Playboy vids, namely Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Shannon Tweed, eccIl DVD is in segments, music, TV etc are divided, but degenerates Justs from the ridiculous waste no credit cards me) with sublimation. The reason is that I almost hoped that it shows Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, etc. does not work Debbie (k / a Deborah to show maturity), but (and you notice that there are a lot of “but” here ) and not their role in a live moving nude behind fifth, shooting just scan their photo shoots, so that they hardly see their whole bodies in a frame (which is very important for someone like me who loves the beauty of female form austestic Above all, what is disappointing in real life or in the media comunicazione.Ora, bearing in mind that I consistently fast transmission of the plate that I lost a second brief nudity, but within the segment of music, there are other famous singers only girls who have shown in music videos, I thought the TV segment was ridiculous (to spend valuable time excerpts from the shows that appear in Playboy, but with no nudity, unless, as I said earlier, gave us a show, and I) namosecond lost, but the Sports / Olympic segment was a farce. It is really only out, but when Katrina Witt in the German edition of Playboy? Bikini Shoot all the bits had been in red! ! censored Can anyone tell me what the hell Playboy image, or that it was, it is a function that extends the entire DVD with Adrienne Curry? Real House? a reality show. Certainly, it was a beautiful hardy mare was broke at the end with a dash of the arms, but its function is only to cover, so again no nudity, and unfortunately, as she had a beautiful body in order (I hope people understand my sentences in English) So again Another disappointment Playboy DVD with virtually no 50-year reputation vista.L “the only good thing about it is that Playboy, because it does not expressly and tend to favor shows the whole shape of the women (who is my bag) there are one hell of a lot women who are willing to pose for Playboy because it is the shots, he won ‘t be free and do not know, so I am grateful for Playboy for that, but certainly a celebrity DVD features more than it should be, and not only naked to talk about? “Well, despite the photos of Britney this week gynecology, is all I want to see her body, I hope, Playboy still interesed to do a shoot with her! Rating: 1 / 5

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