Celebrity Scandal and Gossip

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us have some level of fascination with celebrity scandal and celebrity gossip. Sure some of us may like the occasional titillating story or two, but equally there are others of us who simply feed off all the juicy celebrity scandal and gossip tidbits to the point of engorgement!

How do I know this? Because there is a multi-billion dollar entertainment and sports industry, feeding an equally impressive billion dollar celebrity watching industry. The amount of TV networks, broadcast shows, celebrity gossip magazines, celebrity scandal and gossip websites, tabloid newspapers, and paparazzi dedicated to unearthing the latest celebrity scandal is staggering. And beyond this there is yet another level of celebrity industry, from the publicists and media consultants whose job it is to either suppress a story of celebrity scandal or to fan it according to their clients needs.

Heck, even the tourist operator conducting location tours of past Hollywood celebrity scandals has his nose in the trough, as does the betting agency offering odds on which star will be involved in the next celebrity scandal. Or (can you believe it?), insurance brokers offering “reputation risk insurance” to offer protection against a celebrity’s bad behavior.

In a world where everyone wants to be a celebrity, it’s little surprise that we take so much delight in the lives of those who have reached this fabled state. Like it or not, we really are interested in the latest celebrity scandal involving Britney Spears, the most recent blunderings of Mel Gibson, or how much money did Tiger Woods really have to part with. And while we’re at it, just what is that young Miss Paris Hilton up to now?

Perhaps the point is, now with all the access to modern media, social networking, instantaneous mass communication, and a dedicated industry of professional celebrity watchers, we are afforded a level of access to celebrity scandal and gossip that we’ve never really had during any other time in human history. This might explain the seemingly disproportionate explosion of interest in celebrity scandal and gossip that has taken place over the last decade or so.

The Scaled Down Version of Celebrity Scandal and Gossip

And truly, isn’t it just in our nature? Don’t we just scale it back to give scandal and gossip some kind of meaning even in our own day-to-day existence. Isn’t it true that anybody’s life has the potential for scandal?

In fact most of us live with a certain amount of gossip, innuendo, or scandal that shrouds us in some way. Whether it’s the nosey next door neighbor who “noticed” that the plumber’s van was parked in your driveway an AWFULLY long time, the school parents who wonder why the young good-looking and very “tidy” male teacher doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend, the husband at the end of the street who seems to stay back late at work WAYYY too often, or even the local “talk” about the house down the road where you can hear muffled screaming late into the night.

Even though celebrity scandal seems like a modern phenomenon, I believe our fascination with the cult of celebrity has always been with us – in fact I hear even the ancient Romans liked the titillation of a sex scandal or two.